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Having search traffic come to your website and social media platforms is vital to the success of any business that wants to generate clients from their online presence. See Me Digital Internet Marketing will monitor specific key performance indicators (KPIs) to provide insight into your organic search traffic.

In a world where search phrases are getting longer and more specific paying attention to the data is key to ensuring that you are going after the correct keywords and your conversion ration is optimized.

Keeping track of analytical data for your website will keep you one step ahead of your competition.  Tracking the data is only one part of the puzzle. At See Me Marketing we use this data to implement an Internet marketing strategy that will ensure business growth and online success.

Some of the analytics that See Me Marketing will follow for your website are the following:

Branded to Non-Branded Keyword Mix – if all you’re getting is branded search traffic, you’ll want to conduct a technical and content SEO audit of your site as something is probably not in order. A well optimized site (unless it’s a brand with strong marketing prowess or has broad terms in their name) should see a majority of traffic from non-branded terms.

Total Organic Traffic – increases in search traffic can potentially impact your other organic referral sources as well (for example, more people find the site via search engines, share via social channels, which spawns more referral traffic).

Search Engine Rankings – they still matter to keep an eye on. An unbiased report of rankings in search engines for priority terms is something to monitor as it relates to the SEO health of your site.

Most Popular Phrases – keeping track of the popular phrases sending you traffic is important – this data allows you to show correlation between rankings and web traffic.

Unique Pages on Your Site – if you’re interested in more search traffic, you should be adding content to your site over time. By adding fresh content at regular intervals, you’re creating signals to the engines to crawl more often and also create more potential search phrases users can find your site for.

Depth/Length of Visit – if you’re optimized for certain terms but traffic from those terms is bouncing or leaving the site quickly, you may want to adjust your glossary.

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